DATE : 2018/3/24
March 22nd: The Final Day of Lessons
On Thursday, we had our final day at Bell School. The students gathered in reception at break time to meet the principal and receive their graduation certificate along with a report for their two weeks of study.
After this, we took some interesting graduation photos. The students had a lot of fun throwing their hats into the air.
I was happy to hear good things from the teachers. Many teachers came up to me to tell me that the students had shown good progress over the two weeks, specifically with their confidence. Being in a class where everyone is from a different country, there are several different accents and generally higher confidence in speaking. In this situation, students have to learn quickly that even if they aren’t sure, they still have to say something. From here, the confidence builds and you can see the students start to build important fluency skills.
On Thursday evening, students started packing their suitcases. Since the Brighton trip is now happening on Friday, everyone will have little time to pack on Friday evening and they may be a little tired after a day at the beach in the nice sunny weather!
Punting – The Perfect Cambridge Experience!
At the weekend, first there was the freezing cold weather, then we had the problem with the taxi company’s internet shutting down meaning we lost the trip to Brighton. 
It seemed like we might be in for some trouble, but on Sunday, the students jumped on the opportunity for some free time in Cambridge and got to visit some places or do some shopping and generally have a good time.
On Sunday evening, Adachi-sensei arrived, and from Monday, the weather started to improve, and we got some good news from the taxi company and Bell.
The taxi company and Bell were both very helpful and did their best to make up for the students’ loss on Sunday. The taxi company bought everyone expensive Easter eggs and agreed to pay for a coach to send everyone to Brighton. Bell agreed to organize it all and also set up entry to the Royal Pavilion and the Marine Life Center. We’ll go on Friday, and the weather is supposed to be much better than it was last Sunday which is lucky.
This new plan means that we had to move punting. On Wednesday after school, we all met at King’s College and walked down to the river. The weather was nice, the water was beautiful, the views amazing, and the students had a fun and unique experience. At first, they were a little worried about being on the water, but they soon settled down and had a great time. Some enjoyed the view, some tried punting, some relaxed, and some just had some fun, but all enjoyed the experience – check out the photos!
週末には、凍えるような寒さに苦しみ、また、タクシー会社のトラブルに巻き込まれてブライトンへのツアーも中止になってしまいました。しかし、結果的には、それぞれ自由な時間を満喫できたようです。日曜の午後には高1学年主任の安達先生がケンブリッジに到着して、天気もだんだん良くなりました。タクシー会社やベルスクールは日曜の予定が中止になってしまった穴埋めをしてくれています。タクシー会社は高価なイースターエッグを全員に買ってくれましたし、ベルスクールはRoyal Pavilion やMarine Life Centerに行けるように計画してくれました。水曜の放課後には、キングスカレッジに集合してパンティングに行きました。天気が良く、景色も最高で、なかなかできない楽しい思い出になりました。
The Weekend – Very Cold!
On Friday afternoon, the weather was very nice. I even went outside in a t-shirt.
On Friday night though, the weather completely changed. A cold weather front came from the east, and like two weeks ago, there was snow and it was freezing!
Still, on Saturday, we took a trip to Bath, one of the most beautiful cities in England. It has the amazing 2000-year-old Roman baths, a beautiful abbey, and many pretty buildings and shops.
It was truly cold for everyone, but we all still had a great time and I could see the students found the history of the area very interesting. Check out the pictures.
On Sunday morning, we were supposed to take a trip to Brighton, a small city on the south coast. Unfortunately, there was a problem. 
In the morning, we were waiting for the taxis when I found out that there had been problems with taxi company’s computers and they had lost our booking information. 
After looking at options, we decided to have a free day in Cambridge. It was so cold in Brighton that it was probably a good thing. 
In Cambridge, the students relaxed at home, or went out for shopping, bowling, playing basketball, or enjoying a pub meal. I think it turned out well in the end.
Tomorrow, it’s back to study, and possibly some new classmates.
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