高校新クラス ケンブリッジ研修 5/12~5/15

DATE : 2018/5/19

POST 2:  A busy but exciting day!

Another great day in Cambridge. The beautiful weather cheered us all on as the students prepared for their workshop presentations at Cambridge International School.

In the morning, everyone had a chance to work on their presentations and start to think about themes for a documentary video they will be producing about Cambridge. It was a busy morning and some of the students were a little worried about their presentations, but everyone seemed ready.

After lunch, we took taxis to Cambridge International School (CIS) and straight away, the students were impressed by the school and its location. CIS is a small school, but it’s based in a beautiful area surrounded by green fields. The main building is very traditional and the school gardens and sports areas are huge and very pretty.

We got ready for the presentations in the hall. Our students were set up in six groups, each with a different mini-workshop focusing on a different cultural activity. We had: Ayatori, Wagashi, Shodo, Fukuwarai, Kamizumo, and Origami. There were twenty-five CIS students and they split into six groups and joined each workshop station for 7 minutes before moving on to the next one.

After about an hour, all the workshops were done and everyone was having a great time. The 1-A students did a great job of introducing their themes and getting to know the CIS students. It was now time to go to the sports field to play a game together. The game was ‘Rounders’, a British game that looks a little like baseball but is much easier. At the end of the game, I think some of the 1-A students still didn’t understand the rules, but everyone had a good time.

 After some exercise in the sun, we went back inside and enjoyed some English scones with clotted cream and jam – very British! We cleaned up, and then we were off to bowling.

Everyone really enjoyed the bowling. I’m sure some students will be going again next week. There was a large range of scores with two clear winners!

On Wednesday, we have a short day with a lesson and a university lecture in the morning and free time in the afternoon. Then on Thursday, we are off to London. 




POST 1:  A big hello from Cambridge!

The 1-A students arrived here on Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining ready to greet everyone.

After going quickly and smoothly through immigration, we were soon on a bus to Cambridge. In Cambridge, the students took taxis to their homestays, where they were dropped off at their new home for the next two weeks. Everyone settled in nicely and got to know their new homes and their homestay families.

Early on Monday morning, we all met at Bell School. Except for one bus which was delayed more than 30 minutes, everyone got to school with no problems. We had a quick orientation of the school and everyone was impressed with the stunning grounds surrounding Bell school. With the sun out, the gardens are a great place to relax.

After the orientation, the students went to their separate classrooms for their first lesson. They got to know their teachers and were a little surprised at how much they still don’t know about each other, so they got a chance to learn a little more about their classmates, their teacher and the city of Cambridge.

In the afternoon, we went to the city centre. We had an Orientation Challenge where students had to find the location of various sites around Cambridge. The main purpose is to familiarise the students with the area so they are ready to explore more easily over the next couple of weeks. Most teams did well. Some took a little longer, but I think the jet-lag was starting to affect us all a little. 

I was a little anxious as the students went off to explore by themselves after the challenge. They could explore a little more, then they had to find their way home from the city centre for the first time. I was impressed that everyone got home with no worries. 

On Tuesday we will have a busy day, so on Monday, I was hoping all the walking would tire everyone out to help them recover from their jet-lag. At this time of year, though, it doesn’t get dark until 9pm, so it’s still a little hard to adjust to the time. I hope everyone gets a good night’s sleep ready for tomorrow! We have lessons, presentations, and bowling – a full day from 9am to 7pm!



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