ケンブリッジ研修 Post1~Post3

DATE : 2019/3/28

Post1     Kaetsu students in Cambridge, March 2019

We had an early start on Saturday morning, arriving at Haneda at 7:45am. It was then a 12-hour plane ride to London. It was very windy in London, so the landing was a little bumpy. This year, we have a few first-time flyers, so they were a little nervous, but we landed safely and got through immigration with no problems. Outside, we got on a bus to Cambridge where students got into taxis to be taken to their homestays arriving at around 6:30pm. In total, about 18 hours of travel! That evening, everyone was pretty tired, so it was food, shower, and bed.

On Sunday morning, I let the students sleep in a bit and we met at 9:45am at Bell school. We headed into town and walked to King’s College Chapel. Starting from outside King’s, students set out on a walking challenge. They had to find several famous spots around Cambridge and take photos. This year, all the groups did really well. After finishing, they went off to find a place to eat lunch, then we met at the Fitzwilliam Museum to check out some history. After that, there was a little more free time before students made their way home to have dinner with their family.

So far, this year’s group have quickly settled into Cambridge and already look comfortable with the buses, getting around Cambridge, and getting back to their homestays on time. Tomorrow, we start at Bell, so hopefully, everyone gets some sleep tonight ready to take an English test!




Post2     Bell School: The First Day
For the first day at Bell School, students arrived early to take photos and sit their English level test. Everyone was there on time, with the only students almost being late being the ones who can walk to school in under 5 minutes!
After taking the ID photos, it was test time. The test has three parts; a short writing task, 50 grammar and vocabulary questions, and an interview with one of the Bell teachers. Some of the students were a little tired, and some were a little overwhelmed by the whole situation, but they worked hard on their tests and showed a level of focus that I hope they will keep throughout the two weeks and after they get back to school in April.
At 11:30, the students were told their classes and levels and were taken to their classrooms. For the most part, the students were well placed. Some found it a little hard, and some a little easy, but everyone had fun. We changed a few classes straight away, and a couple of students will speak to their teachers themselves if they want to move up or down. Next week, all the classes are shuffled again, so with teacher feedback, students will be placed in the best class for their level.
After the first day at Bell, there were many smiles and I was happy to hear positive feedback from the teachers. This year, everyone has come very motivated and ready to challenge themselves!                             
Post3     A Week of Study and Activities

After settling into their English classes on Monday, students started their first week of study. All this week, everyone has been at school on time, and I have evidence that they have been doing their homework as well. We changed a couple of classes from Tuesday and everyone is getting on with their study well.

To take a break, on Tuesday, we went bowling at the local game centre. Students had a couple of games, and after, played table tennis, pool, and a few of the other games before going out to eat dinner. With everyone home safely, I can see that everyone is feeling safe in Cambridge and they are happy to get around on the buses with no problem.

Bell has some lovely green spaces and there are some big parks in the area, so in the morning and evenings, students have been meeting up to play some sports. It’s good to see everyone being active and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of the UK. Finding the right work/life balance is very important.

To relax at the end of the week, we went to Grantchester. This is an apple orchard that serves fresh scones with clotted cream and jam and cream teas. Everyone relaxed in reclining chairs while enjoying a taste of English culture!

This weekend will be very busy visiting London and Brighton. Students have made their walking plans for London on Saturday. And on Sunday – Seaside fish and chips!


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