ケンブリッジ研修 Post4~Post6

DATE : 2019/4/6
Post4   Two Weekend Day-Trips
This weekend was very busy! According to the health app on their phones, I think everyone walked around 50,000 steps over the two days. Luckily, the weather was great for this time of year. 
We arrived in London at around 10:30 on Saturday morning and went for a quick walking tour of the local sites, including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben (still being repaired), 10 Downing Street. This was an important day, as there was a big march to demonstrate against Brexit – England leaving the European Union – and to ask for a second people’s vote. It meant London was busier than usual, but students also got to see a little bit of history in the making.
The students all went off to explore different places, and hopefully, they give me a few photos soon. We arrived back at Covent Gardens at 5pm, where we had a little more time for shopping. Then back home to sleep for another early start on Sunday.
On Sunday morning, because there are very few buses, we ordered taxis to get everyone to school on time. The destination was Brighton, a beach town in the south of England. First, we went to the Royal Pavilion, the home of King George IV. It’s an interesting building with a mix of Indian and Chinese architecture. George was an interesting character. His father was very careful with money, but George spent so much money he almost got the country into trouble.
After a little piece of history, students had free time. Most headed to Brighton Pier to enjoy the game centre and theme park there. I think everyone had fish and chips, of course, and most tried to have ice cream, but one student had her ice cream stolen by a seagull!
Starting from Monday, we are back studying in Bell. A couple of classes and teachers may change and there is another group of students joining the school, so some students may meet a few new people.
Only one week left. It goes quickly, but the students are having a nice time. Let’s do our best to get the most out of the final days here.  
Post5   The Second Week of Cambridge – International Day

After a great first week and a wonderful weekend exploring London and Brighton, week 2 in Cambridge continued with good weather, fun studying, and more activities.

Everyone is used to the buses and getting around Cambridge and in the second week, I always let the students take more responsibility over their evenings. Most students still went home to eat and spend time with their homestay family. One day after school, some students stayed behind at Bell to make some cakes with other Bell students. I didn’t get to eat one, but they all looked delicious.

On Thursday evening, Bell held a big International Day. Students from Bell and some of the homestay families came to Bell and set up areas in the cafeteria to introduce their home culture with some food and activities, and were ready to answers questions. All of our students joined and shared Kendama, juggling, origami, Fukuwarai and Japanese Kanji. The event was a great success and the Kaetsu table was very popular. Well done everyone.

Tomorrow is the last day in Cambridge. It’s a little sad, but I think everyone has really enjoyed their time here.

週末のロンドン・ブライトンへの旅を終えて、ケンブリッジでの2週目は良い天気、楽しい学習、アクティビティーが続いています。みんなここでの移動にも慣れ、夕方からの時間の使い方もなるべく生徒に任せるようにしています。ベルスクールに残って、学校の仲間たちとケーキを焼いた生徒もいて、どれも美味しそうでした。ベルスクールでは木曜の夜にInternational Dayというイベントがあり、生徒やホストファミリーがカフェテリアに集まりました。それぞれの文化を紹介しあい、かえつの生徒たちは剣玉(けんだま)や折り紙、拭く笑いなどをしたところ大人気でした。明日はもう最終日ですが、生徒たちはここまでとても良い時間を過ごせました。



Post6   The End of a Great Trip!         

It has been a great two weeks! 

The weather stayed nice and I didn’t wear my coat once. The students were wonderful, studying hard and making the most of the experience. I had several teachers come up to me and thank me for bringing such lively, motivated students. Great work everyone.

Between the classes on Friday, Bell held a mini-graduation for the students and we took some photos. Back in the final class, students said farewell to their classmates, took some more photos, and said their goodbyes before heading into the city centre one last time.

In the city centre, we got to enjoy a very Cambridge activity; punting on the river. It was the warmest and sunniest day so far – perfect for sitting back and taking in the beautiful surroundings. After relaxing, it was time for some last minute shopping before heading back home to start packing suitcases.

Flying back on Saturday went smoothly and we arrived in Japan on time. Now, it’s time for students to switch their minds back to the new school year as they remember they have homework to do before April. I hope they spare some time to think back over the last two weeks and the experiences they have had.



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