2年A組ケンブリッジ研修 Post 1

DATE : 2023/5/18

Day 1 (5.14) Arrival

Being at the airport in the early morning on Sunday, May 14th, it was clear that travel is opening up again in Japan. The airport was very busy, but everyone was patient and cooperated well, and we all got on the plane in good spirits ready for the 14-hour flight. 


The flight was smooth, and immigration was also quick, then we had the two-hour coach ride to Cambridge. This was the first surprise for the students. The coach was quite luxurious. When the first student got on the bus, there were random screams. I wasn’t sure what was going on until I got on the bus myself – check out the photos.


We all headed to Bell School, then students got into taxis and were taken to their homestays. Everyone seems happy so far. Monday morning, we start at Bell School.


Day 2 (5.15) The first day at Bell

First thing in the morning, everyone arrived at Bell, and we had the usual orientation and tour of the school grounds. Students were impressed with the school, and all looked ready to get started. After a break, students went off to their separate classes. Regular students are with Lana, and Honors students with Tarsila (the same teachers who looked after us in February. There were warm-ups, games, and chances to get to know each other.


After the first lunch at Bell (delicious), we headed into the city centre. Starting from King’s College, students broke up into six groups and had to walk around and find various locations in the city centre. The fastest team completed the challenge in around 80 minutes. The last team was recalled and came back to the starting point after 3.5 hours. It was a long wait! But at least, everyone now has a sense of Cambridge. I think everyone will have more confidence going to the city centre by themselves. 


Tomorrow, we have a busy day (perhaps the busiest day) with many activities!


Day 3 (5.16) Food / International School / Bowling

A very busy day today! We started with a warm-up game outside in the sun. Once the students’ energy levels were up, it was back to class. After the first lesson, students had a food-tasting class. In groups, brave volunteers blind-tasted some traditional English foods and described them to the class. Then teams guessed what they thought the foods were before having a chance to try them themselves. There were mixed reactions with marmite producing the biggest reaction – as usual. There’s usually one person who like Marmite, but think this group was 100% against it.


After a quick lunch, we jumped on the bus to a neighbouring village where we visited a local international school. Our students had prepared some cultural activities to share, including chopstick competitions, kendama, shoudo, a quiz, and some others. When the students got together in their first groups, the International School provided some scones (nicer food tasting). These provided a little icebreaker before our students started sharing their activities. There were three rotations of 10 minutes each.


After the activities, we had a pleasant walk through the village to a local community sports field. Here, the international school’s students introduced a few games, including Diamond Cricket, Rounders, and Ultimate Frisbee. After all of these, everyone was much closer, and by the end, they were sharing social profiles and even making some plans to meet up later in the trip. 


But this wasn’t the end of the day. We took a bus back into town to the leisure centre where we finished off the day with a couple of games of bowling! After bowling, some students headed home, and some stayed out for dinner. All in all, an excellent day, and I’m sure most students will sleep well after this!









2日目 (5.15) ベルでの初日



ベルでの最初のおいしい昼食の後、私たちは市内中心部へ向かいました。キングスカレッジから出発し、生徒たちは 6 つのグループに分かれ、市内中心部のさまざまな場所を歩き回って発見する活動をしました。最速のチームは約80分でチャレンジを完了しました。最後のチームは呼び戻され、3時間半後にスタート地点に戻ってきました。長い間待ちました!ですが少なくとも、今はみんなケンブリッジの方向感覚が身に付きました。自信を持って中心部へ1人で行けるようになっていると思います。


明日は、たくさんのアクティビティがある忙しい日 (おそらく最も忙しい日) になります。


3日目 (5.16) 食事 / インターナショナルスクール / ボウリング

今日はとても忙しい一日です!私たちは太陽の下、屋外でのウォーミングアップから始まりました。生徒たちのエネルギーレベルが上がってから、授業に戻りました。最初の授業の後、生徒たちは試食の授業を行いました。各グループの中で勇気のある生徒がいくつかの伝統的なイギリス料理を目隠しして食べて説明しました。そして他の人たちが、その食べ物が何であるかを予想しました。色々な反応がありましたが、いつも通りマーマイト(イギリスの伝統ジャム)が一番大きなリアクションでした。マーマイトを好きな人も 1 人くらいはいるものですが、今回の生徒たちは全員気に入らなかったようです。


簡単な昼食の後、私たちはバスに飛び乗って近くの村に行き、そこで地元のインターナショナルスクールを訪問しました。生徒たちは、箸競争、けん玉、書道、クイズなどの文化活動をシェアするためにいくつかの準備をして行きました。グループで集まったとき最初にインターナショナルスクールからスコーンを出していただきました (さらにおいしい試食)。かえつの生徒たちが自分たちの活動をシェアし始める前のちょっとしたアイスブレイクにもなりました。生徒の発表はおよそ10分間、3回ローテーションをしました。


その活動の後に、村を通って地元のコミュニティスポーツ場まで楽しく散歩しました。ここでは、インターナショナルスクールの生徒たちが、ダイヤモンドクリケット、ラウンダーズ、アルティメット フリスビーなど、いくつかのゲームを紹介してくれました。これらのことを通して、全員の距離がさらに近づき、最後にはSNSを交換したり、旅行中にまた会う計画まで立てている生徒もいました。




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