1-A Cambridge Trip May 2024 Blog Post 3

DATE : 2024/5/28

Blog Post 3: Innovation Project and much more!


After a busy first week of lessons, exploring Cambridge, bowling, cultural exchange at a local international school, visiting King’s Chapel, and trips to London and Brighton, we had a free day on Sunday. Then the final week began, which was project week!


During the final week, students from both regular and honors classes worked together on an innovation project. In groups of three, students had to create a new product or service. They needed to design it, think about its market potential, make a sales pitch, and prepare other materials.


To start, students watched a couple of episodes of Dragon’s Den. This is a TV show where people present their products to wealthy businesspeople and ask for investment. Our students had to come up with their own ideas to present, focusing on “sustainability x Cambridge.” They used their experiences in Cambridge to create ideas for social awareness campaigns, new products, or events that would help Cambridge.


On Monday, after starting their projects, the class leaders led a quick meditation session. On Tuesday, to help students think about business, innovation, education, and their future, we invited a successful entrepreneur to talk to them and answer questions. The students asked great questions about passion, ideas, resilience, and confidence. Then on Wednesday, they continued preparing their projects.


Wednesday evening was special because Bell School held an International Party. Bell has students from all over the world, and some brought food, snacks, and games. There was a lot of singing and dancing, with our students leading the show. It was a fun way to relax, though it looked very tiring!


Thursday morning was presentation day. In one room, two teachers acted as investors. Students gave their presentations and answered tough questions about their product, its market, competition, manufacturing costs, and more. In another room, five groups set up their stands. Students from all over Bell School visited, each with three £100 tickets. After looking at all the stands, they chose who to invest in and which group gave the best presentation.


The presentations were very successful, and the students received a lot of praise. On Friday morning, the winning teams were announced. The team that won the Dragon’s vote was PPAP (Perfect Portions and All People). This project focused on reducing food waste. They had a great story behind their idea and a strong marketing plan.


After the awards, we had a small certificate and graduation ceremony, followed by a photo shoot on the school grounds. We then went into town for the last time to go punting on the river. The weather was beautiful, making it a perfect way to end the week.


Overall, it was a fantastic two weeks. Students learned a lot, challenged themselves in new ways, and made new international friends that we hope they will keep for a long time.






まず、生徒たちは「ドラゴンズ・デン」というテレビ番組を数回分見ました。この番組では、人々が自分の製品を裕福なビジネスマンに紹介し、投資を求めます。生徒たちは、「サステナビリティ x ケンブリッジ」というテーマに基づいて自分たちのアイデアを考えることになり、ケンブリッジでの経験を生かし、ケンブリッジに役立つ社会啓発キャンペーンや新商品、イベントのアイデアを考案した。








プレゼンテーションは非常に成功し、生徒たちは多くの称賛を受けました。金曜日の朝、優勝チームが発表されました。ドラゴンの票を獲得したチームは、PPAP(Perfect Portions and All People)でした。このプロジェクトは食品廃棄物の削減に焦点を当てていました。彼らのアイデアの背景には素晴らしいストーリーがあり、強力なマーケティング計画もありました。





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